Edgar Roni Figaro (autocrossbowplz) wrote,
Edgar Roni Figaro

[Mayfield 2.001 - Action]

[A. Morning, 1649 Albright Lane]

[Good morning, 1649 Albirght Lane! Guess what? You've got a new not!dad. Maybe you noticed him, first, or maybe you noticed the big yellow bird suddenly tethered in the backyard. Jeffry is calmly sleeping in the backyard, and Edgar can be found wandering around the house, mildly confused.]

Huh. How did I end up here?

[B. Over the phones, morning]

This is Edgar. It seems I was gone for a while, but I'm back now, just... in a different house, for some reason. Terra, Locke, are you still here? Nina? Hiccup? Marcus?

... anyways. I've apparently been gone for a few months. Can anyone tell me what I missed?

[C. Around Town]

[Edgar can be found in various places around the city today. These include the following:

  • At the store, purchasing extra blankets for Jeffry.

  • At the garage, seeing if he still has his job as a mechanic (hint: he does).

  • At the park, giving Jeffry time to stretch and play, though not for particularly long, given the cold weather.

  • Traveling between these various places.

Feel free to stop and talk with him at any point.]
Tags: !action, !voice, here we go again, intro, mayfield is strange, return of the king, rip van winkle
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